Optiticket - Helpdesk Management

The Optiticket is a management tool tickets, based on software "osTicket" with several enhancements and new features, which make it useful and competitive tool.

The Optiticket - Heldesk manager is a fully integrated system that enables:

  • Panels for administrators, operators and clients;
  • Web interface for ease of use;
  • Creating tickets automatically through email accounts;
  • Preformatted automatic replies;
  • Sort by department.

Main Features:

  • Tickets management;
  • Users by sorted by group;
  • Sort by department;
  • Administration board;
  • Clients management;
  • Pop3 login (automatic ticket creation);
  • Ilimited emails;
  • Automatic response;
  • Request transfer between users and department;
  • Users supervision;
  • Time spent supervising and requests made;
  • Alerts by administration;
  • Internal notes;
  • Attachments;
  • Reports by client, user, etc...