Optitravel - Travel Agency Manager

The Optitravel – Travel Agency Manager allows you to manage on a easy way all processes of your agency, from customer management integration with accounting, anywhere in the world with secure internet access. The system offers:

  • Better use of resourses to reduce costs;
  • Multi-company and multi-store;
  • Web interface;
  • Documents in PDF format for better portability;
  • Integration of administrative and operational processes.

Main Features:

  • System certified by the Portuguese Financial Ministery, under ordinance 363/2010;
  • 100% web system;
  • Multi-store and multi-company;
  • Certificated documents issued in PDF;
  • Reference data export;
  • BSP's invoice check;
  • Central payments at distance;
  • Documental management;
  • Integration with accounting programs;
  • Suppliers services integration;
  • Automatic access to tour operators;
  • SMS sender.