Optitour - Tour Operator Manager

The popularization of tourism business on a global scale and its consequent specialization, has forced the creation of global networks of operation to allow operators and agents to respond quickly and efficiently to fulfill customer needs.

As a direct reflection of this evolution, information technology emerge as the "highway" that tour operators and travel agents need to "move" the global network of tourism services.

The Optitour – Tour Operator Manager meet these needs in an integrated solution allowing managing all business processes, providing:

  • Better use of resources;
  • Reducing operating costs;
  • Ease of use;
  • Integration of processes;
  • Quick return on investment.

Main Modules:

Dynamic Packages

Product with flexible dates that shows alternatives based on availability of own hiring or online suppliers search.

Portal B2B and/or B2C

Online portal for partners access and /or final clients for prod ucts search, availabil ity simulation and prices as well as effe ctive r eservation. Imp lementation in custom tem plate, white label or inte gration.


Budgets management with multiple services, fixed and variable costs and different markups. Creation of a budget to a client and automatic reservation creation.

Static Packages

Tourist packages management with specific starting dates, itinerary services and availability management regime in allotment, free sale or on request.


Allows you to search and reserve online flights in leading industry vendors.


Module that allows the management of accomodation suppliers based on room types, special offers and availability configured on allotment, free sale or on request.

Transfer & Tours

Transfers and city tours management. It allows the reallocation of transfers contracts to maximixe the profitability of the operation.


Rent-a-car management based on car groups and technical charts. Possibility to configure availability based on allotment or free sale.